George Floyd

Healthcare Workers at Jackson Memorial Express Solidarity With George Floyd Protesters

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Raising their stethoscopes and taking a knee, healthcare workers at Jackson Memorial Hospital held a moment of silence for nine minutes in honor of George Floyd Thursday afternoon.

The powerful moment spoke volumes, the group of doctors and nurses hoping to help break the culture of silence and unite against systemic racism.

“We stand for justice and against injustice and we are together,” said Dr. Tobenna Ubu.

During the event, which was called "White Coats for Black Lives," hundreds of doctors and nurses reflected on all the black men and women who have died due to police brutality.

“This police violence is a public health crisis and if this is what is affecting our patients’ lives that live here in Miami Dade County, then this is something that we need to be on the frontlines of and fighting for,” said Dr. Armen Henderson.

These physicians have been on the frontlines battling against COVID-19, but on Thursday, they said they want to show their support for protesters who are battling for justice and equality.

The event was organized by SEIU Healthcare. 

“Prior to this, communities of color have disproportionately suffered poor health outcomes, so these are the patients we swore to protect and it’s important for us to stand and say that what happens in their communities matters to us,” said Dr. Ubu.

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