Hearing Held for South Miami Gym Facing Numerous Noise Complaints

Stunna's Gym owner facing more than $10,000 in fines.

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The City of South Miami held a special session with a magistrate judge over the dozens of noise complaints filed against a gym.

On Friday, the magistrate reviewed 15 citations out of 77 initially given to Gabriel Verona, the owner of Stunna's FIT, and found Verona was in violation of the noise ordinance.

"I knew I wasn't going to leave here with not one guilty, but whatever, yeah disappointed, discouraged," Verona said.

Varona claims he's being singled out because another gym in the same area hasn't been cited. Three neighbors who live near the gym have been filing complaints with the city for a while and gave testimony at Friday's hearing.

Varona opened the gym in 2017 and the noise ordinance was amended two years later. Varona installed extra padding and other soundproofing methods to comply.

But now, after this hearing, he may consider taking his business elsewhere after the city upheld over $10,000 worth of fines against him.

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