Heat Fan Goes on Winn-Dixie Shopping Spree With Birdman

Receiving $1,000 in free groceries is great but for Miami Heat fan Sam Roman, a shopping spree with an assist from Miami Heat player Chris "Birdman" Andersen was even better.

"Besides my kids being born, this is definitely one of the top three things in my life," said the father of two from Pompano Beach.

Roman's 5-year-old son Max is a huge fan of Birdman. He's the reason they entered the contest at Winn-Dixie that won his family a much needed shopping spree at the store in Davie.

"This does alleviate some of the bills for the month," Roman said. "I can start putting money away to save."

Roman came prepared for his shopping spree. He even had a specific strategy. And Birdman approved.

"You gotta have a strategy when you buy groceries, don't ya?" Birdman said.

Roman’s plan included Birdman tackling the meat-section.

"I'm the butcher," said a stonefaced Andersen. "The butcher."

We aren't quite sure what that means. But Birdman clearly meant business. He showed it by serving as a coach during the shopping spree.

The Heat big man shouted encouraging words at Roman as he hurried up and down the aisles. He also acted like a team player, especially in the frozen food section, where his "basket awareness" came in handy, shoveling Eggo waffles into Roman’s cart.

"Hey, the man said every flavor," Birdman remarked.

In the end, it took longer to ring up the groceries than to shop for them. In fact, the cash registers showed a total bill of $2,500, and Winn-Dixie had no objections.

"He came in with a mission and he conquered," Birdman said.

Roman said he did so well, he had to ask his family members to help him store all the groceries.

But even more valuable than all that meat, frozen food and diapers, Roman shared a once-in-a-lifetime experience with one of the NBA’s most interesting players.

"For the rest of my life I'll remember this moment," he said.

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