Fantasy Basketball: The Heat's Three Kings Introduced to Their Kingdom

LeBron James predicts 972 NBA titles for Miami

The Miami Heat sure know how to make an introduction. And so do their stars.

Coming from underneath a stage like an NBA All-Star Game or the opening act to Destiny's Child, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh greeted 13,000 screaming fans for the first time wearing the same jerseys.

The triumphant entrance for a trio that hasn't won a game together was as over-the-top as the notion that the three superstars can't play together. It's also a middle finger to the rest of the league and critics like no one has ever done.

Welcome to the beginning of history.

"It feels right," James told fans. "We are going to let the world know the Heat is back."

There was a bit of news in Friday's "Summer of Heat" welcome celebration: Bosh will be wearing No. 1 this season and that he knows very little Spanish. After being quizzed by the Heat's Spanish radio play-by-play guy, all Bosh could say was, "Hola . . . Me llamo Chris . . . Yo estoy muy bien. Muy bien!”

"I'm very lucky," he said (in English).

Even the usually reserved Wade got a little braggadocios in front of the home crowd.

"i feel sorry for whoever has to guard us," he said.

Fans quickly broke into "Beat L.A." chants, letting Miami Thrice know that it's championship or bust for Wade and his new super friends. That seems to be just fine with King James.

"We want to bring more than one championship to Miami. Not one. Not two, three, four, five, six," he projected. Heat fans exploded at the prospect.

The event was open to the public, but fans had to register online at for entry. There was a flurry to computers and all 13,000 tickets were gone within an hour. 

It looked like more were in the arena, which was transformed from a basketball court to a mix between a rock star concert and an indoor championship parade.

As for the elder of the three, Wade was as understated as ever in between his two new teammates. But he had a message for Bosh, James and any other player who wants to join the Heat's roller coaster thrill ride this season.

"Yeah, it's going to be Hollywood down here," Wade said. "But when we step on the court, it's going to be about business. And
everyone who wants to be part of this organization is going to have to make that sacrifice."

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