Arena Screen A Big Bright Machine

3,400 square-foot display lights up AAA

The latest bright idea from the Heat's home is shining a new light on downtown Miami.

Last night the switch was flipped on a gargantuan 3,400 square foot exterior screen at AmericanAirlines Arena, filling the downtown sky with millions of LEDs.

Called Miami Media Mesh, the humongous digital display cost between $1.7 and 2.7 million to make, and is the second largest screen in the nation, falling well short of the 60,000 square-foot Freemont Street screen in Las Vegas.

The three-story high screen at the AAA will display everything from Heat promos to advertisements for Bacardi and even Twitter posts. Hopefully, it will never display D-Wade packing his bags and leaving.

Made of stainless steel mesh, the screen is 70 percent transparent so that AAA visitors can see through to the outside world.

The energy-efficient screen, on the arena's west side, is the first real marquee in the building's 10-year history.

Though it packs a powerful punch in the downtown skyline, nearby residents won't have to deal with the glare all night. It fades to black at 11 p.m. nightly.

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