Heat to Honor Dwyane Wade on July 8th

The Heat will honor former player Dwyane Wade in a variety of ways on Friday July 8th

The Miami Heat will recognize Dwyane Wade's 13-year career with the team in a variety of ways on Friday.

Wade agreed to a two-year deal with the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday, but Miami is not going to wait long to honor its former franchise player. The Heat have done in-season video tributes for other departing players in the past such as LeBron James.

For Wade, Miami will go above and beyond and recognize the fact that he was the biggest name in team history. Wade was on all three championship teams in Miami and was an active member of the community. The county was even referred to as "Wade County" at times to signify how important the guard was to the local area.

It is not known if Wade himself will be in attendance, but his wife Gabrielle Union announced on Twitter that she may be present.

Among the plans for Friday is a social media takeover of sorts. On all of the social media platforms, the Heat will present images and videos featuring Wade. A series of vignettes entitled "13 Moments" will also be featured on the platforms to recognize Wade's heat career.

Outside of American Airlines Arena, the team will show images of Wade the entire day and nothing else on its LED marquee. This is the same marquee that has featured Wade and his teammates hoisting trophies over the years.

The team will also run ads in local newspapers and discount Wade related items at its stores to $13.00.

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