Heated Argument in Florida Keys Trailer Ends in Stabbing

A heated argument between two men in a Florida Keys trailer Friday afternoon ended with one man stabbing the other, police said.

Manuel Garcia, 77, is charged with aggravated battery after he stabbed a 66-year-old man at a trailer on 5th Avenue in Stock Island, according to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies arrived on the scene at 3:30 p.m., where they discovered the victim bleeding from cuts to his hand and chest.

Authorities found Garcia sitting at a table at the front of the home with the 10-inch filet knife he used to stab the victim sitting on a table beside him.

A witness, also inside the trailer, said he’d been sleeping in the back when he woke up to sounds of the two other men arguing. He told deputies both men had been arguing on and off all week.

The witness said he walked out to check on them and found the victim bleeding, prompting him to call police.

The victim told MCSO deputies that the witness invited him over to the trailer, but when he got there, Garcia told him to leave. He said Garcia continued arguing with him, telling him to leave before eventually grabbing a knife.

The victim said he held up his hands to defend himself and was cut on the hand. He said after he was cut on the hand, Garcia cut him on the chest.

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