Helping Hands: The Demand for Formula and Baby Food in Pandemic

The Miami Diaper Bank is a resource, providing free formula, baby food and diapers for a household

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Four-month-old Kingreese is the youngest of nine siblings, and his mother is struggling with keeping his tummy full.

“The formula costs a lot of money," says Monique Huggens.

Like every parent, she wants her children to have everything they need, and her current situation is stressful. 

She was doing hair before the pandemic, but with an infant and other young children she doesn’t want to take the risk.

“With me having multiple kids, you know if one of them gets sick then everybody gets sick because all of us are in the same household," she says.

She is the only parent in the house. “Some days, I don’t know how I will make it from one day to the next,” she says. 

The Miami Diaper Bank is a resource for Huggins, providing free formula, baby food and diapers for her household. 

The non-profit traditionally focuses on diaper needs, but so many families have expressed needs for formula and baby food during this pandemic that now the organization is focusing on overall baby needs. 

If you want to donate to the Miami Diaper Bank or if you need help with baby essentials, visit this website for more information.

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