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Helping Hands: Undocumented Immigrants Struggle to Get Food

NBCUniversal, Inc.

The financial toll of the pandemic hits harder when even help seems hard to come by. For undocumented immigrants who were working cash jobs before the pandemic, things are tough. 

NBC 6 interviewed a woman from Honduras, who is a wife and a mother of four children. She says her family is struggling for food. 

Karen carries worry every minute of every day.

"I’m not thinking of the sickness. I’m thinking of feeding my children,” she said. 

Before the pandemic, Karen was cleaning homes for cash, and her husband was bringing in money from construction jobs. He’s managed to keep working, but his hours have been reduced.

She, like other domestic workers, hasn’t seen an income in a while. Money is very tight. 

The family is trying to make it on less than $2,000 dollars a month. Karen goes to food distribution sites for free food, but most of them are drive-thru only so she gets turned away. The situation is frustrating. She prays this will all be over soon. 

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