Chipotle Offers Buy-One, Get-One Free Coupon To New Website Users

Chipotle is offering a buy-one, get-one free coupon to customers who visit its new website, SAVOR.WAVS, and compose their individual orders using the platform “that reinterprets ingredients in Chipotle’s food as music and responsive visuals,” the company announced in a release.

The coupon is valid until Aug. 31 and will be received via text message.

Chipotle collaborated with RZA, who created the Wu-Tang Clan, to develop the digital experience. The site was created “to celebrate [Chipotle’s] commitment to using only real ingredients in its food.”

Customers can build their orders, which is required to receive the coupon, here.

“SAVOR.WAVS supports our commitment to using only real ingredients in our food — without any colors, flavors or industrial additives,” said Mark Crumpacker, chief marketing and development officer at Chipotle, in a statement. “As a parallel to the way we cook, RZA used only natural instruments, and composed them such that each unique combination works beautifully together.”

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