Hero Dog Helps Save 5 From House Fire in NW Miami-Dade

Five people were saved from a burning home in northwest Miami-Dade early Sunday after a neighbor's dog alerted him to the danger.

Flames and smoke tore through the back of a home on Northwest 106th Street. Next door neighbor Angel Suarez was alerted of the fire thanks to his dog, Brown.

"All the barking and barking and barking let me know it's something going on back there," Suarez said. "I just heard like an explosion so when I came out and looked I saw flames."

According to reports, the five people inside the home were sound asleep when Suarez and his 90-pound American bulldog rushed over to alert them.

Crews say the smoke extended inside the home and that the residents are fortunate that Suarez was able to wake them up.

"Everything is fire in the back and we was like 'oh my gosh even the lights on the back of the van got melted,'" Suarez explains.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation, but crews say it could have been sparked by an electrical issue

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