Hialeah Couple Accused of Abusing Infant Twins Who Suffered Multiple Bone Fractures

A Hialeah couple facing multiple child abuse charges after their twin infants were found with multiple bone fractures bonded out of jail Friday evening.

Dayana Sosa, 27, and Adrian Felipe Cordovi, 23, were arrested Thursday on five counts each of aggravated child abuse causing great bodily harm. 

Cordovi was ordered held on $20,000 bond Friday, jail records showed. Sosa was ordered held on $10,000 bond.

Sosa's attorney, Barry Wax, said it's still unknown who caused the injuries.

"Who inflicted these injuries? Was it the father, was it the mother, was it someone else? We just don't know," Wax said.

According to arrest reports, the couple brought their two-month-old daughter to Nicklaus Children's Hospital because she wouldn't stop crying when her right leg area was touched.

A child protection team pediatrician examined the girl and found she had a fractured right tibia and two separate rib fractures, which were all in different stages of healing, the reports said.

After realizing the girl had a twin brother, the pediatrician examined him and found he had multiple fractures to his right tibia, which were also in different stages of healing, the reports said.

The fractures were consistent with child abuse, the reports said. Sosa and Cordovi are the sole caretakers of both victims, the reports said.

At a hearing Friday, the children were placed in the custody of the Department of Children and Families.

During the hearing, the emergency room pediatrician testified as to why he determined the childrens' injuries were child abuse.

"[They] had never received a fall and never been involved in any motor vehicle collision or accident or any other major trauma which may have caused this," Dr. Walter Lambert said.

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