Hialeah Man Chases Thieves with Machete: Cops

When two men attempted to steal from the man's home in Hialeah, police said.

A man whose neighbor's house was being burglarized scared off two thieves with a machete, Hialeah Police said.

When two men attempted to steal from his neighbor's home, near 550 West 35th Place, the man grabbed his machete and chased them out of the home.

"He was outside, he was working in his yard, he had a machete in his hand, he saw what was going on," police spokesman Sgt. Eddie Rodriguez said. "So as he got closer to get a better look, they saw him. Of course, they ran."

Jimmy Gutierrez said his mom had noticed the suspicious men and called police.

"My mom, she just let the dogs out because the dogs bark for everything,” he said.

The suspects fled in different directions, but were caught a short time later, according to authorities.

One man was caught about a block away from the home, while the second man was caught about two blocks away, police said.

Admittedly, a witness who didn't want to show her face says the man holding the machete was not very intimidating on his own, but the weapon in his hand certainly was.

"But the machete was probably a little freaky,” she said.

She added, “He did it just to protect his friends and his house."

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