Hialeah Family Struggles to Deal With Serious Flooding After Eta

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Flooding as a result from Tropical Storm Eta continues to be a big problem, and
one family from Hialeah is resorting to using buckets to scoop up all the water that keeps pouring into their home.

Angela Martinez had no choice but to walk through at least two feet of water to purchase some groceries Monday night.

Bucket after bucket filled to the brim -- the flooding was so severe, that a pump the family purchased stopped working.

“It’s all over the place, under the house," Martinez said.

Making matters worse, Martinez says every time a car drives down the block, it pushes more water into her bedroom.

"As they go through the street the water keeps coming," she said. "Some people go slow, others don't care."

Conditions quickly deteriorated for the family around 6 a.m. Monday. When they realized water was coming into the house, they made sure the kids were safe and salvaged as much furniture as they could.

"We’ve been living here for a lot of years, they haven't fixed the drain," Martinez said. "The room already got flooded in March and I had to rearrange and buy new furniture and the walls got messed up.”

The family says they can't afford to pay a higher rent, and right now, they have no option but to stay.

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