Hialeah Gardens Walmart Employees Rally Against Managers for More Hours

The employees were asking managers to give them full-time hours.

Employees at a Hialeah Gardens Walmart walked off the job around 9 a.m. Friday to protest against their managers.

The workers at the 9300 NW 77th Ave. location said managers have cut their shift hours and feel that they are being mistreated.

Dozens of protesters chanted, "We want 40 hours," and "No more abuse," as they rallied outside the store.

A representative from Walmart's human resources department came out of the store to try and have a dialogue with the protesters, but they did not come to an agreement. Human resources wanted to meet with each employee individually, but protesters said "all of us or none of us."

The employees said they are only protesting this particular location -- they are not protesting against the corporation.

Walmart Corporation released this statement in response to the rally:

“We want every associate to be able to build a schedule that suits their needs while at the same time scheduling shifts when our customers shop, and we have taken specific actions this year to do so. Our goal is to have our stores staffed to meet our customer’s needs – and that means having more people available to work on nights and weekends. We have hours available in this store for associates if they want to work them.”

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