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Hialeah Senior High School on Lock Down: Police

Hialeah High School was put on a precautionary lockdown and had a controlled dismissal Wednesday afternoon after what police described as a “minor disturbance.”

Various fights were breaking out in the cafeteria just before 2:00 p.m., and the school was placed on lock down as a precaution until the fights were under control, police say.

"We were supposed to stay quiet. The lights off and the doors locked," said student Angela Herrera of the lockdown. "No kids out in the hallway."

Students told NBC 6 that there were seven fights at the school, that blood was in the hallway and that it may have been related to gang activity.

"Some fights took place in the old building, some in the gym, one was in the alleyway; about the same places all the time" a student who asked not to be named told NBC 6.

Miami-Dade Public Schools issued the following timeline of what happened at the school over the last three days.

  • Monday – There was an off-campus fight involving an unspecified number of young people. Some are students at the school. Hialeah Police responded.
  • Tuesday – some students showed recordings of Monday’s fight to school police. The school took administrative action and suspended two students. School police attended dismissal to ensure safety and prevent disruptions. School police communicated with Hialeah Police as students moved farther away from campus.
  • Wednesday - There was at least one altercation at the school today (Wednesday) in the school's cafeteria, unrelated to Monday's incident. No students were transported for any injuries. Also, at about the same time, a student fell and injured himself at the school. Fire Rescue was called for this student. ‎ Some misinformation was circulated regarding this incident, and the school was placed in a lockdown as a safety precaution while rumors were dispelled.‎
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