Hialeah Teen Makes Bomb Threats on Twitter: Police

A Hialeah teen was arrested for making bomb threats via Twitter to the city's official public Twitter account.

According to an arrest report, Julian Dominguez, 18, sent threatening tweets Thursday afternoon around 4:30 p.m. saying "6 bombs placed in 6 different locations in the city. They will be detonated if the police responds."

Through their investigation, Hialeah Police were able to locate Dominguez and determined that he was the author behind the threatening tweets.

"Nowadays those threats are to be taken very serious. Hialeah detectives were able to ID and locate Julian Dominguez," said Hialeah Police Sergeant Carl Zogby.

Dominguez, who lives in Hialeah, admitted in a taped statement that he wrote the tweets.

Dominguez was arrested and charged with threatening to place or discharge a destructive device. During a bond court appearance Friday, he was ordered held on $5,000 bond but will have to stay behind bars because he is on probation for a lewd and lascivious charge against a minor from March.

As for his latest charge of making bomb threats, Dominguez went on record exclusively with NBC 6 to say he didn't mean to scare anyone.

"In reality I wouldn't want to hurt anybody or anybody in the city I come from. It was simply a mistake," Dominguez said.

Dominguez said from the moment he sent out the threatening message on Twitter he regretted it.

"I just want to apologize to everyone who saw this on the news and felt threatened in a way. I wish I could get forgiveness from everybody," Dominguez said by phone.

Speaking from behind bars, Dominguez said he wasn't thinking clearly when he wrote the tweet, that he was high on marijuana.

"It was simply a mistake, I didn't mean anything when I said that. There were no bombs, it was a joke."

"His games turned into a serious crime today, he's facing very serious charges," Zogby said.

Dominguez actually agrees with the police and said he is ready to face the punishment.

"I understand why this has to be done because I wouldn't want a guy who said he'd put six bombs here and there in the street, I wouldn't want him out on the street around my children, so I understand why they arrested me."

Dominguez was appointed a public defender.

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