Hide the Vodka! The O.C. Housewives Are Coming

The Real Housewives are coming to South Florida. The ones from the O.C. that is

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The Real Housewives are coming to South Florida.

Well, the ones from the O.C., that is.

As much as we'd love to see a reality show starring our own ladies who liquid lunch, for now we'll have to settle for a single episode starring just our scenery.

Tonight, Orange County's Real Housewives take some much needed time off from boozing and shopping to, um, booze and shop on the other coast.

Seems like the episode could better be described as one big ad for the W Hotel, as the press release states that "the ladies experienced Greater Fort Lauderdale in high style during the filming in July, which included suite accommodations at the new W Fort Lauderdale, along with manicures at Bliss Spa, dinner at Steak 954, drinks at Whiskey Blue and a private cabana on the hotel's pool deck."

Perhaps the highlight, which, in reality TV, is usually also the lowlight, is when the women are dropped off in the middle of the Everglades by a helicopter. Though they obviously have no clue where they are or even what the heck an Everglades is, one of the Housewives seems to have been tipped off, as she's decked out in hip-slung fatigues for the occasion.

As one Housewife annoyingly squeals every five seconds - ironically the one who has a pig face - the other does her best Dorothy impression by stating that they, indeed, are not in the O.C. anymore. 

The group continues to take a swampbuggy ride with Bubba, who has to put up with them asking questions like "is that real?" when an antelope runs across the road, as well as poignant observations such as the large size of a wild boar's testicles.

In the offbeat chance you find yourself wondering how you, too, can see wild boar balls - or, more understandably, stay at the W Hotel - you're in luck.

"We were so thrilled that Bravo chose Greater Fort Lauderdale to film an episode of 'The Real Housewives of Orange County' that we put together a trip giveaway for visitors to take in all the glam, glitz and the wild side of Greater Fort Lauderdale," said Nicki E. Grossman, president of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau. 

The winner gets round-trip airfare from Virgin America, a two-night stay at the W Fort Lauderdale, spa treatments at Bliss Spa, dinner for two at The Capital Grille, and a Billie Swamp Safari in the Everglades excursion.

Catty, drunk friends not included. But we've got a few we can lend you.

To enter to win the Real Housewives vacation, visit www.sunny.org/RHOC.

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