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Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio in Miami on Super Tuesday

Donald Trump event in Palm Beach

A triumphant Hillary Clinton addressed supporters at a rally in Miami as the Democratic front-runner claimed several primary wins on Super Tuesday.

Speaking at the Ice Palace Film Studios, Clinton congratulated fellow Democrat Bernie Sanders for competing hard, while lashing out at Republican opponents, accusing the GOP of "turning its back" on America's working and middle class citizens.

"This country belongs to all of us, not just those at the top. Not just the people who look one way, worship one way or even think one way," Clinton said. "We’re going to make America whole."

Republican Marco Rubio was also in Miami on Super Tuesday, holding a rally at Tropical Park where he criticized the night's big winner among the GOP, Donald Trump.

Rubio said that over the last five days he has begun "to unmask the true nature" of Trump, whom he called a "con artist."

He said his recent attacks on Trump have given his campaign momentum and said that Trump did not represent the legacy of the "party of Reagan."

"The American dream is slipping away from millions, but here's the good news, we do not have to remain on the road we are on now, but when I am president of the United States, we will not just save American dream, we will expand it," Rubio said.

Trump was also in Florida Tuesday, attending an event in Palm Beach. Trump has won several states on Tuesday: Georgia, Alabama, Massachusetts and Tennessee. Ted Cruz has captured Oklahoma and his home state of Texas.

"It looks like we could win six or seven or eight or nine. It's really been great. I want to congratulate Ted on the winning of Texas," Trump said.

Rubio won the Minnesota Republican caucus, NBC News projected, and his upbeat speech was full of promises to continue fighting and vowing to win his home state of Florida later this month.

"Two weeks from tonight right here in Florida, we are going to send a message loud and clear. The party of Lincoln and Reagan will never be held by a con-artist," Rubio said.

Trump used his speech to take a shot at Rubio.

"I know it was a very tough night for Marco Rubio," Trump said. "He's a lightweight, as I've said many times before."

Florida's primary will be held March 15. Experts say the Sunshine State primary will be important even after Super Tuesday.

"The campaigning is already done with the states that are running tonight and Florida is so important and because it has a ton of delegates to give out and it is winner take all so the stakes are incredibly high," University of Miami political science professor Joseph Uscinski said.

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