Hitman-Hiring Wifey Gets Bond, House Arrest

A judge sets bond and house arrest for wife accused of trying to take a hit out on her husband

Somebody get Dalia Dippolito an agent and fast.

A day after putting on a masterful performance that has become a YouTube sensation, she has somehow convinced a judge and attorneys that she should be allowed out of jail despite being caught red-handed trying to put a hit out on her husband.

A Palm Beach judge set a $25,000 bond and ordered 26-year-old Dippolito to house arrest while she faces solicitation of first degree murder charges. She also can't go near her husband, which we're sure is a relief to Michael Dippolito.

But usually with such mounting and indisputable evidence as what has been compiled against Dalia Dippolito, a judge wouldn't let her out of jail because she has every reason to run.

Police have several recorded conversations of Dippolito and her would-be assassin plotting the murder. Dippolito confesses to being "5,000 percent sure" she wants the job done and even comes up with the perfect time and alibi for it to go down. She also handed the undercover cop/hitman $1,200 as a down payment on her husband's demise.

And then there is the videotaped acting job she does after police lied and told her that her newlywed husband had been murdered.

Yet, Dippolito will be kicking back at her mother's house while her husband continues to watch his back.

Michael Dippolito, 38, hasn't seemed too shocked about the attempted hit or the fact that his wife hated him so much she wanted him dead.

"I'd lay down in bed at night and I knew something was wrong," he said. You mean like she wanted to kill you?

More on Dippolito's acting career as it develops.

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