Hollywood Man Allegedly Punched Wife, Kicked Baby Daughter

A Hollywood man was arrested after allegedly punching his wife and kicking his 6-month-old daughter, causing the girl to fracture her skull.

Shane Hoag, 26, was taken into custody Monday and charged with aggravated child abuse and aggravated battery causing bodily harm.

During his appearance in bond court Tuesday before Judge John Hurley, Hoag's wife testified that the alleged incident started when they got into an argument.

The wife said Hoag was drinking and had pushed her to the ground while she was holding the baby. He punched her in the face and started kicking his wife and accidentally kicked the baby, the wife said.

The baby suffered a fractured skull, and the wife suffered a black eye that required stitches, she said.

"You have blood in the white of your eye, you have the bottom below your eye is swollen, the top eyelid is swollen, and I can see the stitches right at the bottom of your eyelid, toward the outside corner of your eye," Judge Hurley said.

The woman said she and Hoag had been married about a year, and that he had body slammed her when she was six months pregnant.

Judge Hurley asked if she was in fear of him, and she said no. He also asked if he was abusive to the children.

"No sir, he's a great father," she said.

Hoag's attorney asked for a reasonable bond. It was set at $175,000, and Hoag was ordered to not have contact with his wife or daughter.

Prosecutors said Hoag was sentenced to a year in jail in 2011 for making terroristic threats in Nebraska. He also has arrests for criminal trespass and DUI in 2011, domestic assault in 2010 and theft in 2008, among others.

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