Hollywood Man's Last Words in Panicked Phone Call: “No No, Don't”

Bonnie Tannenbaum last spoke with her longtime partner Kevin Von Behren Sr. early Monday

A Hollywood father is missing – and his family is distressed after his last, panicked phone call.

Bonnie Tannenbaum says that she last spoke with her longtime partner Kevin Von Behren Sr., 52, when he called her Monday at 5 a.m. For nearly 7 minutes, she heard him panicking, panting and finally uttering the words “No no, don’t,” before the call cut out.

"I heard him cursing, and scared and running,” she said. “And then him saying, ‘No no, don’t.’ And I’m like … and all of a sudden the call was gone."

Tannenbaum often meets Von Behren, her partner for over two decades, at a LA Fitness gym. They had recently reconciled after a separation, and when Von Behren called early Monday, Tannenbaum expected they would meet at the gym.

She rushed over to the home where Von Behren lives by himself. The whole family had planned to move back into the residence. But the family – which includes their children Sarah, 18, and Kevin Jr., 12 – says that he disappeared without a trace, leaving his car keys, work van, and beloved best friend Alex behind. A door was also left ajar, Tannenbaum said.

"It’s not like my dad to be gone and not come home,” Sarah Von Behren said.

She last saw her father Sunday afternoon, and said goodnight to him over the phone.

"My dad is so outgoing, he is just so friendly. He loves everybody. I just miss my dad so much,” she said.

Now, all the family has to go on is that mysterious call.

"The call lasted 6 minutes and 54 seconds – and the whole time he was running,” Tannenbaum said. “I could hear him running, running, and I could hear the fear, you know.”

Now they fear that their loved one may have relapsed into behavior they say he had long overcome. Tannenbaum said she wonders if he was mixed up with someone that had something to do with drugs that may have harmed him.

Von Behren is 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighs 160 pounds, has brown hair and green eyes, and tattoos on his left arm of a rabbit and an eagle.

As Kevin Jr.’s 13th birthday approaches on Sunday, the family hangs on to hope that Von Behren will come home.

"There's always that what if he's home, what if we come in and he's inside,” his daughter said.

"I keep hoping. I'm not going to give up hope,” Tannenbaum said.

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