Hollywood Police Crack Down on Drivers With Fake Insurance Documents

Officers will be verifying insurance documents during traffic stops in Hollywood through 2:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Hollywood police officers are cracking down on drivers with false insurance documents.

Officers will be verifying insurance documents for drivers stopped for any traffic infraction Wednesday through 2:30 p.m.

Agents from more than 20 insurance companies will be stationed at the police department to verify insurance information for each driver that is stopped. Normally, officers do not have the ability to verify insurance status during a routine traffic stop.

Police said Florida has one of the highest rates of insurance fraud in the country.

The Hollywood Police Department is sending out special operations, traffic, patrol and community service officers to carry out the operation, which is done in partnership with the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

The operation will prevent drivers who are involved in accidents from paying for their own damage and injuries if the accident isn't their fault, police say.

Anyone who suspects other drivers of insurance fraud are urged to send tips to HollywoodPDTips@hollywoodfl.org.

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