Hollywood Police Cruiser Crashes Into House in 2-Car Accident: Cops

Crash leaves gaping hole in family's living room wall

A Hollywood Police officer’s cruiser crashed into a house in a two-car accident that also left the other driver injured Friday night, police said.

The cruiser crashed into the living room of the home at 5010 Johnson St., leaving a gaping hole in the wall. The family is usually sitting on couches there, but wasn’t when the crash happened.

Investigators said the officer was responding to a robbery in progress with his lights and sirens on when he somehow collided with a BMW driven by a woman.

Witnesses said the officer had a hurt leg, while the woman was able to walk around. Both were taken to Memorial Regional Hospital.

A girl who was inside the house, Yaileen de la Rosa, said the whole house shook. She said when she saw the hole in the wall she panicked and ran to her mom.

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