Hollywood Police Looking for Child Who Sent Sweet Holiday Card

William Hernandez sent a thank you card with no return address

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Officers at the Hollywood Police Department are used to looking for people behind crimes, but now they are looking for a child who sent them a touching holiday card.

"We’re hoping we can track him down, it was such a sweet sweet gesture. Especially during the holidays, it was just like 'oh gosh, what can we do?'" said Deanna Bettineschi, a spokesperson for the department.

Hollywood Police want to thank William Hernandez, the child who sent them the holiday card in the mail on Monday.

"Thank you for your service," the message inside the card reads. William also put his piggy bank money inside.

“He said 'from my piggy bank to you!' So we were like what a sweet gesture, all of us were smiling. It was really sweet but it didn’t have a return address," explained Bettineschi.

Without an address, the department took to social media to try to find William. They instantly received messages that they hope could lead them to him.

Police tell us the impact of William's generosity is reaching far and near.

“Two troopers from Tennessee they reached out…it was shared through social media so people had seen it and they were like, 'oh if you find out who it is let us know, we want to send him something too.' It’s making its way around which is great, that was the point," said Bettineschi.

Hollywood Police are asking if you think you know who William Hernandez is, don't comment his information on the social media post, but send them a private message or call instead.

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