Hollywood Rape Suspect, 14, Waits to See If He's Charged As An Adult

A 14-year-old is facing a sexual assault charge in Hollywood

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A Hollywood 14-year-old will have to wait a little longer to learn if he will be charged as an adult for an alleged sexual battery in mid-June.

At a court hearing Tuesday morning, defense attorney Jim Lewis said there’s no rush.

“We’re buying some more time,” he said. “We’re going to have a psychological evaluation of this young man, trying to see what’s making him tick.”

A second alleged victim has come forward since the first alleged attack but that is a separate case and no charges have been filed.

“There was an allegation there was an attempt,” Lewis said. “At this point we’re only dealing with one case and hopefully that’s where it stays.”

Broward Circuit Judge Elijah Williams also ordered, at Lewis’s request, a haircut for the teenage suspect who was sporting a large natural hairstyle.

“I want you to understand there’s two kinds of cuts. There’s the cut that you want and there’s the cut the government gives you,” the judge said. “I want you to give him a government [military style] cut.”  

Another court hearing has been scheduled for Aug. 15 at which time the state attorney’s office may decide whether or not to charge the teenager as an adult.

Lewis told the judge of a similar case where he represented then-13-year-old Lionel Tate who was convicted of killing six-year-old Tiffany Eunick in 1999 and was sent to prison for life.

“We don’t want to throw this life away,” Lewis said. “Too young. He’s too young.”

The suspect remains in the juvenile detention center but is not being named in this story because he is a juvenile.

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