SoFla Turns Into Hollywood for Rock of Ages

"HOLLYWOOD" sign makes its way to South Florida

Motorists driving down the Florida Turnpike might think they have hit some kind of worm hole that transported them to the West Coast, but that stuff only happens in the movies.

And it's actually a movie that has them feeling that way.

The famous "HOLLYWOOD" sign, or at least a 20-foot tall replica, has been erected in South Florida as part of the upcoming film "Rock of Ages," which is being shot locally.

Crews used cranes to put up the letters at Waste Management 's Monarch Hill Renewable Energy Park.

It can be seen from the Turnpike and Sample Road. We wonder how many tourists will run trespass on the landfill to get a picture in front of the sign thinking it's the real deal.

"Rock of Ages," which is derived from the Broadway musical of the same name, is the classic tale of a small-town talent looking to make it big in the big city, Hollywood.

The film features some big time star power, including Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin and Mary J. Blige.

A neighborhood along NW 14th Street in Miami will also be transformed into Sunset Boulevard circa 1980 for the film.

Ironically, there is an actual Hollywood in South Florida, but putting a sign there might cause a little too much confusion.

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