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Holy Cross Health in Fort Lauderdale Expands Vaccines to Under 65 With Certain Conditions

092513 holy cross hospital fort lauderdale

Holy Cross Health in Fort Lauderdale is expanding COVID-19 vaccine eligibility to include people under age 65 who have certain conditions.

The hospital said priority will be given to Holy Cross Medical Group patients.

To receive the vaccine, you must meet the following criteria:

• Asthma
• Cancer (current/undergoing treatment)
• Cardiomyopathy
• Chronic kidney disease
• Down Syndrome
• Heart failure
• Hypertension
• Obesity greater than 30kg/m2
• Organ transplant
• Pregnant
• Sickle Cell
• Type 2 diabetes with accompanying co-morbidity (listed above)

To request an appointment for someone who meets the above criteria, drop off the registration form/consent (with accompanying MD note/prescription indicating the patient's condition) to the COVID Vaccine Center, 4701 N. Federal Highway, Bldg. C.

"We encourage you to take advantage of all alternatives to receive the vaccine should you be given an opportunity to be vaccinated," Holy Cross said in a statement. "Please continue to be patient. It will take time to vaccinate everyone who is eligible."

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