Homeless Man Gets Dumped in Garbage Truck

A Tampa homeless man narrowly survives being dumped in a garbage truck compactor

Sleeping in a garbage can seems so safe when Oscar the Grouch does it. Well kids, it's not.

Just ask Kevin Hallaran, who was dumped into a garbage truck while he was napping in a Tampa Dumpster on Monday.

Hallaran, 52, had found a cozy spot behind a restaurant Sunday night after a prosperous night of dumpster diving. And he did what anyone would do after eating their fill of leftovers -- took a nap. Hallaran was awakened the next morning by the rumbling of a sanitation truck that came to take out the garbage, with him inside.

Luckily for Hallaran, the city sanitation department employee did not immediately turn on the trash compactor, or the homeless man would have been more than yesterday's garbage. He'd be dead, officials said.

Hallaran sustained only a few cuts and bruises, but learned a valuable lesson -- don't believe everything you see on Sesame Street.

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