‘Homeless Valedictorian' Graduates, Plans to Attend FSU

Griffin Furlong graduated with a 4.65 GPA.

It was graduation day for a Florida high school student known as the "homeless valedictorian."

Griffin Furlong graduated from First Coast High in Jacksonville, Fla. Wednesday with a 4.65 grade point average despite spending part of his school years homeless and struggling to get by.

Furlong's mother died of cancer when he was 6-years-old. He, his father and his older brother spent the next two years living in a homeless shelter before bouncing around different homes and briefly living with his girlfriend's parents.

For a while Furlong and his family had a rental home, but in April, just before finals and AP exams, they were homeless again, reported NBC News.

The valedictorian plans to study civil engineering at Florida State University and is currently waiting on academic scholarships.

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