Homeowners Seek Money for Damages Years After Kendall Grow House Explosion

Nearly three years after a grow house exploded in Kendall, owners of nearby homes say they're still fighting for money to pay for damages.

The explosion happened back in September 2012 and the charred home was eventually torn down but years later several neighbors still haven't had their homes repaired.

Ricardo Vazquez owns a home across the street from the site of the grow house, which was rebuilt from top to bottom after Citizen's Insurance paid the owner's claim in full. Vazquez still has a cracked wall, tiles and driveway.

"I feel very bad, very bad," he said Monday.

Vazquez isn't alone. Seven other owners say they're also living with damage left behind by the explosion.

"They can't make money without us, but they put a lot of pressure on us every month to make a payment," home owner Alfredo Suarez said.

The homeowners filed claims with Citizens but they were denied, attorney Danny Espinosa said.

"This is the typical David versus Goliath situation," Espinosa said.

After three years and a long trial, Vazquez won $100,000. Two homeowners who took the company to court lost but they're in the process of appealing those cases.

"Citizens' position has been that the damage claimed in these lawsuits was not a result of the explosion. In two out of three cases so far, juries have agreed," the company said in a statement.

The company added that 9 out of 10 claims through their company are paid quickly without litigation.

Meanwhile, the other homeowners are still waiting. Each case has to be tried separately.

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