Homes Near Dunedin Sinkhole Being Demolished

Two homes nearest to massive sinkhole in Florida neighborhood being torn down

Two homes that were slowly sinking into a massive sinkhole that opened up in a Florida neighborhood are being demolished Friday.

The sinkhole that opened up in the backyard in Dunedin Thursday is measured at 90 feet wide and 56 feet deep and will be filled in with hundreds of truckloads of dirt, according to WFLA.

Officials said the sinkhole has stabilized but pieces of the two homes nearest to it were still falling into it. The two homes have been condemned.

Rescue workers responded to the area around 6 a.m. Thursday and evacuated families from four surrounding homes. The sinkhole expanded throughout the day as officials said the ground in the area was extremely soft.

Engineers will take soil samples to try to determine how stable the ground is and when the residents can return to their homes.

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