Homestead Man Arrested on Animal Cruelty Charges

A Homestead man was arrested on Tuesday after police found several pit bulls in danger inside of his home.

Lazaro Ruiz, 26, was charged with animal cruelty and resisting arrest.

Officials found puppies with their ears improperly cut off and some of the dogs are infected due to the poor medical procedures, according to Miami-Dade Animal Services. MDAS said they found mutilated puppies and an adult dog that was "butchered" in what appeared to be a "barbaric" home caesarean section.

Investigators said they were able to locate Ruiz back in July, after linking photos on social media accounts to his female companion. When they investigated the home, officials found and confiscated three adult dogs who were found in distress and confined in a plastic crate without any shade. Officials said the external temperature of the crate registered at 118.7 degrees, which could have posed a serious health risk to the dogs.

The dogs, are currently being treated by Miami-Dade Animal Services and will receive any required rehabilitation. The dogs are American Bulldog/Terrier mixes and will be available for adoption when the case is resolved.

Ruiz has been charged with animal cruelty in the past, according to Miami-Dade Animal Services. He and his female companion, who was not identified, were barred from owning any other pets in the future.

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