Horse Horror: 11 Emaciated Equines Rescued From Ranch

Skinny, underfed horses taken from Miami pasture

Nearly a dozen severely emaciated horses were seized from a Miami ranch yesterday by the SPCA after concerned neighbors reported their miserable condition to police.

Eleven underfed horses were found with bones visable through their hides at the southwest Miami-Dade pasture at 168th Street and Southwest 192nd Ave.

"Sure enough, these horses are completely emaciated. There are north of 20 horses on site, most of them need veterinary care," said Richard Cuoto, with the SPCA. "Completely emaciated. They are living in pastures with no grass, no shelter."

The owner of the horses, Genero Blanco, said the horses are fine but that the newborns weren't nursing properly. Blanco could be charged with animal cruelty.

The horses in the worst condition were taken away and will be cared for by the SPCA at a sanctuary.

"Probably the first decent meal of their lives, and all of these horses will be up for adoption," Cuoto said. "The South Florida SPCA needs the public's help, if anyone out there wants to adopt a horse, foster a horse, or we deseperately need charitable donations."

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