Horse Rescued in Miami-Dade Gives Birth to Colt

Emaciated horse found on remote property gives birth

One of the 11 emaciated horses rescued from a remote property in Southwest Miami-Dade last month has given birth, the South Florida SPCA said Thursday.

Connie, a 20-year-old Quarter Horse mare, gave birth to the colt Wednesday, the SPCA said.

The "frisky" colt was named Little Champ, in honor of another horse which lost its life last week.

"For the past six weeks, we’ve been watching, waiting and praying that Connie, despite her severe malnutrition and deprivation, would give birth to a healthy baby," Jeanette Jordan, President of South Florida SPCA, said in a statement. "Yesterday our prayers and efforts were rewarded."

Investigators and activists discovered Connie and the other horses on March 4 on a property on Southwest 205th Avenue between 152nd Street and 136th Street. In addition to the 11 emaciated horses, they found the carcasses and skeletal remains of at least 7 more, as well as a dog that was near death.

The SPCA said the horses had taken shelter in an abandoned house on the property, which appeared to be a dumping ground for unwanted animals.

The group says it now has more than 65 rescued horses at their ranch, and they're looking for donations to care for them. Anyone interested in donating can visit

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