Horse Shooter Saddled With Hard Time

Vero Beach man gets six years for drunken spree

A Vero Beach man will be doing hard time for a boozy, gun-toting rampage that left one horse dead, another badly wounded, and a rent-a-cop's car damaged.

John Tennant will spend six years in a state prison for the 2007 incident in which he popped the horses and vandalized a security company's car.

Tennant's parents refused to let the judge lower his bail, so the 24-year-old was forced to spend the past two-and-a-half years in Indian River County jail. He'll now head to a state prison to serve the rest of his sentence and faces six years probation when he gets out.

“I am not the monster you say I am,” Tennant said in court, according to “I am terribly sorry. I wish you could forgive me.”

The horses' owner Dr. Valerie Biehl, had found the horses the next morning. The surviving horse, Sonny, was covered in blood.

"There was a bullet hole right between his eyes," Biehl testified, adding that she's happy with the sentence. "Now he is going to real jail."

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