Hot Politics: Mayor's Office Purposely Set on Fire

Police rule the fire at the mayor's law office was arson

Who knew politics in the tiny town of Miami Lakes could be so grimy?

Investigators believe that an early morning fire at the law office of Mayor Michael Pizzi was intentionally set, which then led to a press conference by the mayor.

Pizzi said he was the possible target of political rivals because of his position as mayor. Police haven't confirmed the allegations, of course, but they said the front door of the mayor's office was forced in an some time of flammable liquid was poured inside the office.

The arson was even more daring because the law office is actually located right across the street from a Miami-Dade police substation.

Investigators aren't taking anything for granted and assigned 24-hour security around Pizzi and his family and a Miami-Dade police officer will be stationed at the family's house.

Politics in the small town of only 27,000  residents are anything but tame. There have been shoving matches at town hall meetings and officials said they routinely received threats via e-mail. So while the fire wasn't a shock, it did take things to the next level.

Still, Pizzi said he would "not be deterred."

The fire caused around $100,000 worth of damage. Files and memorabilia from the town was destroyed.

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