How the Coronavirus Pandemic Has Led to a Rise in Divorces

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The coronavirus pandemic has put a strain on many families and marriages. And, now, family attorneys say they're seeing a rise in divorces.

NBC 6 anchor Sheli Muñiz spoke to family attorney Aliette Carolan about the correlation between the sudden rise in divorces amid the pandemic.

SHELI: What is different this year, during a pandemic, from your 16 years of being a family attorney?

CAROLAN: There have been so many things that have been so different this year in terms of the typical cycle of divorces in general, but this year there's definitely been a spike in the number of divorces and number of conflicts for people who are already separated or divorced, what we call post judgment.

SHELI: Why do you think that is?

CAROLAN: Certainly, a combination of everything. I think the combination of being stuck at home, people losing their jobs, children at home from school, parents not having a reprieve or a time to take care of themselves, their work or relationship, it's certainly having a terrible impact on relationships.

SHELI: Another challenge is for those who have gotten divorced and are trying to navigate parenting.

CAROLAN: That is something that we’re not hearing enough about. Post-judgement cases are facing conflict because our parenting plans did not provide for what to do in a global Pandemic. There is no language in the agreement. There is also varying beliefs on how to handle the pandemic.

SHELI: What advice do you have for couples?

CAROLAN: Divorce and separation does not have to be chaotic, it does not have to be a war, or deplete your finances or your psychology. If you do things with reason rather than being overwrought with emotions, you can get through this difficult time with dignity.

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