How to Decorate Your Dazzling Christmas Tree and Not Break the Bank

Want to save money? Avoid buying a Christmas tree on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, data shows

Christmas tree buying season kicks into high gear on Black Friday, according to a data report by Square, Inc. in partnership with the National Christmas Tree Association.

The analysis based on Square sales from thousands of Christmas tree farmers and sellers across the United States shows prices spike on Cyber Monday, reaching an average price of $84 per tree. Consumers seeking a deal could save you up to 29% if they wait until the week before Christmas.

According to Square sales data, Christmas tree prices increased 23% from 2015 to 2018.

The average price rose from $62 to $76.

“It’s very important to plan ahead and shop around and call different tents and department stores to get the best prices,” said Ana Vivas of Aniska Creations.

Aniska Creations is one of several businesses that decorates Christmas trees at homes across South Florida. The mother-daughter duo says they are already working around the clock to get trees ready for the holiday, with a majority of the customers interested in their services right after Thanksgiving.

“I would say the first step is to picture where you want the tree set up inside your home. Then make sure you take the appropriate measurements so you don’t end up with the wrong tree,” said Vivas.

Vivas believes you don’t have to break the bank in order to design a beautiful tree.

One way to save, according to the designer, is to narrow down a theme and a maximum of 2 colors before heading to the store.

It’s also important to look through the ornaments you already own and see what you can re-purpose.

“Ornaments are as cheap as $1 and many are even shatter proof. Ribbon is also great to put inside the tree and costs about $4 for a large roll. Floral picks are also a great idea and they cost about $1 to $3 depending on where you are buying them,” said Vivas.

For more photos and Christmas tree design inspiration from Aniska Creations, click here.

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