How To Keep Seeing NBC 6 In Your Newsfeed

Have you noticed a change in your Facebook News Feed? You’re not imagining it. The social media giant recently implemented some changes to News Feed so posts from family and friends take precedence over posts from media, brands and publishers.

Facebook says the change is meant to improve overall well-being and bring “more meaningful social interactions” to users. However, posts from news companies such as NBC 6 may fall into the back burner as a result of the change. You may not see them as often as you used to.

We don’t want you to miss out on important stories, First Alert weather advisories and events going on in the community. Luckily, there’s a way to toggle Facebook settings so you can still see our posts in your News Feed. Here’s how:


1.) Visit the NBC 6 Facebook page

First, open up the NBC 6 Facebook page by going to or searching for “NBC 6 Miami” in the Facebook search bar.

2.) Make sure you’ve “liked” the NBC 6 page

After you’ve clicked “Like” (located under the Facebook cover photo) you should automatically start following NBC 6.

3.) Click “See First” under following tab

Also, make sure notifications are turned on underneath the “Notifications” header.


1.) Visit the NBC 6 Facebook page

You can do this by searching for “NBC 6 Miami” in the Facebook search bar.

2.) Make sure you’ve “liked” the NBC 6 page

Liking the page will automatically follow it.

3.) Tap “Following” icon next to the thumbs-up “Liked” icon

This will open up a new screen that says “Get Notifications” at the top. Make sure that’s turned on.

4.) Make sure “See First” is selected

The “See First” option is located under the “In your News Feed” section.

After following those steps, you should be able to see NBC 6 posts at the top of your News Feed. Thanks for reading – and watching – as we bring you news from all over South Florida. Happy browsing!

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