Hundreds Turn Out for Free Food Giveaway in Miami

Hundreds of people waited in line in Miami Friday to receive a free food package worth $100.

People got a little thirsty while waiting in the heat for a few hours but for these men and woman, it was well worth it for $100 dollars’ worth of fresh free food.

Luckily the parking lot is pretty big at the Central Shopping plaza on Northwest 7th street, after the turnout was more than expected.

Though event sponsors Farm Share and City of Miami Commissioner Francis Suarez came prepared.

"It says that’s it a wonderful event but at the same time it also says there’s a tremendous amount of need in our city and community we are a poor city….to make these things happen," Suarez said.

No one knows the need for these fresh vegetables, juices and foods like Juanita Alvarez, nor are they more deserving.

"I retired from the military after 25 years as a nurse," Alvarez said.

On a fixed income now, she says the food is going to go a long way.

"This will help me at least for a month, even though it’s two or three bags," Alvarez said. "But it helps me because I’m by myself."

And forget about going to pick up food at a McDonald’s or Burger King. People who wanted food quick got it after Farm Share and company actually set up their own drive-thru where you didn’t even have to get out of your car.

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