South Florida Native Among Missing El Faro Crew

Coast Guard crews returned to the southeastern Bahamas Monday to resume the search for survivors of a U.S. cargo ship believed to have sunk during Hurricane Joaquin.

A total of 33 people were on board the El Faro, which disappeared near the Bahamas.

Among the missing crewmembers is one South Florida resident. Mike Holland, of Wilton Manors, is an engineer on the ship.

Coast Guard officials said Monday that the body of one crewmember was found in a survival suit in the water.

U.S. Coast Guard, Navy and Air Force planes and helicopters are looking for the El Faro across a broad expanse of the Atlantic Ocean around Crooked Island.

A heavily damaged life boat with markings consistent with those on board the El Faro was also found, officials said.

Coast Guard officials say a life ring from the ship was found roughly 120 miles northeast of Crooked Island on Saturday.

Authorities last heard from the ship Thursday. The crew reported they had lost power and were taking on water but said the situation was manageable. They lost communication and have not been heard from since. The ship was headed to Puerto Rico.

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