National Hurricane Center

Jamaica No Longer Under Hurricane Warning, Matthew Still a Threat

A hurricane warning is no longer in effect for Jamaica Monday as the island was already feeling some effects from category 4 Matthew. A tropical storm warning was issued by the National Hurricane Center.

A massive band of rain and lightning rolled into Kingston, leaving some streets in the capital flooded. Residents said flooding like that seen on Sunday isn't unusual, but the concern from officials is that Matthew will bring so much rain that flooding will be much worse.

Earlier Sunday, the government began shutting down traffic lights that were not secure, concerned the expected hurricane conditions would blow them over into the street.

Businesses that hadn't boarded up windows did so and one business, a gas station, closed down altogether.

"It's not good, it's not good," employee Jenive Smith said. "It's hell, everybody's battening down and all that, I'm preparing food and drinks and all that, it's very rough."

The ministry of education said all schools will be closed Monday.

Stay with NBC 6 and for the latest Hurricane Matthew reports from Michael Spears in Jamaica.

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