Woman Gives Birth After Arriving from Puerto Rico Post Maria

It's been a long journey, but Puerto Ricans, Ketsy Echevarria and her husband Luis Nieves were reunited at last, in the maternity ward of Baptist Hospital in Kendall on Saturday and they welcomed their baby boy to the world. 

"I'm very excited because we've been desperate for him to get here because baby Lukas was supposed to be here in two weeks and they have to induce my baby so he's coming out today hopefully," said Ketsy Echevarria.

With the help of American Airlines, the expectant mother and her eight-year-old daughter were able to fly out of Puerto Rico, arriving in South Florida on Thursday.

"We're very excited and we're very grateful to be here," said Echevarria, "because if I didn't come and I don't know what would happen over there."

Her husband was forced to stay behind on the island at first, but after some coordinating American Airlines was able to get him on a last minute flight on Saturday. He said he felt happy to be back at his wife's side as she gives birth to their baby boy, Lucas. They've been trying for a second child for five years.

"Yesterday I received a text message if I could help a 38 week pregnant patient that was coming from Puerto Rico and of course I said yes, bring her immediately," said Dr. Jennifer Schell, and Obgyn at Baptist Hospital.

Dr. Schell is a boricua herself who grew up and went to medical school on the island. She felt a personal connection and took this challenge full on.

"Ketsy left behind her husband and her parents and she came with her eight year old daughter to Miami just to find a better place to deliver her child," said Schell, "She knew she wouldn't be able to get to a hospital and probably if she did the doctor wouldn't get to the hospital because of the lack of gas."

Even though they're joyful to welcome a new life, the family wants to use their story to shed light on a tough situation after they were forced to leave their hurricane stricken homeland, which is still in dire need of help.

"It's a mixed feeling because I feel very fortunate to be here and all the people that are helping us but I left my parents and my family and everybody over there and they don't have even food or water because it's not getting to them," said Echevarria.

Dr. Schell is seeking donations to send necessary medical supplies to the island through her non-profit, Doctors 4 Puerto Rico.

For more information on ways to contribute or help the situation in Puerto Rico you can click here.

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