Husband Shoots Wife's Lover: Miami-Dade Police

A Miami-Dade man is facing an attempted murder charge after police say he lured his wife's lover to his house using her phone then shot the man.

Alvaro Zapata-Baez, 25, surrendered to police Tuesday and was being held without bond Wednesday, jail records showed. It was unknown if he's hired an attorney.

According to a Miami-Dade Police arrest report, the shooting happened back on June 14, after Zapata-Baez discovered his wife was having a relationship with the victim.

Zapata-Baez waited until his wife fell asleep then used her phone to send a text message to the man, inviting him to come over and that there was a surprise waiting for him, the report said.

The victim arrived at the home and went inside, where he saw the wife's mother and asked her where the wife was, the report said.

"It's a set-up, leave the house now!" the mother shouted at the victim, who then walked outside. As soon as he stepped outside, he was confronted by Zapata-Baez, who shot him as he tried to run away, the report said.

The victim was hospitalized with a gunshot wound in his thigh. He was later able to identify Zapata-Baez as the man who shot him, the report said.

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