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‘I'm God': Man Hurls Profanity-Laced Insults at Broward Judge

"You're so wack, man! Yo, just take off all the charges" Torres told Judge Stephen Zaccor during a bond court hearing at Broward County Courthouse.

A Broward County inmate may need to wash his mouth out with soap after he unleashed profanity-laced insults at a judge Monday.

Julio Torres, 24, appeared in bond court after he was arrested Sunday for allegedly stealing a car in Fort Lauderdale.

When he faced Broward Circuit Court Judge Stephen J. Zaccor, Torres learned he would face an additional trespassing charge, which he vocally objected to.

"Why did I get a trespass?" said Torres.

Judge Zaccor continued listing the alleged offenses and Torres appeared agitated in bond court video.

The public defender told the judge that Torres wanted to know why was being charged with trespassing.

"I found probable cause," said Judge Zaccor. That ignited Torres. Video showed him hurling an F-bomb at the judge. Portions of the outburst were muted.

The judge asked to have the microphone unmuted so that he could hear what Torres had to say.

The inmate continued his rant, "P**** a** n****!"

"You're so wack, man! Yo, just take off all the charges," yelled Torres.

At one point, the inmate is heard calling the judge a gay slur.

Zaccor questioned Torres, "Is there any reason right now I should not hold you in direct criminal contempt for you behavior in the court?"

Torres responded,"No."

The judge continued with," Do you have any explanation to why you would say something like that?"

"I'm God."

That response put the final nail in the coffin.

Judge Zaccor ordered Torres to be held in contempt of the court. The 24-year old was sentenced to 60 days in jail for that single charge.

The public defender later asked the judge to have Torres undergo a mental evaluation.

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