‘I Am Happy': Former Cuban Prisoner Alan Gross Discusses Freedom

America's most famous former Cuban prisoner, Alan Gross, was in the heart of Little Havana at Domino Park Wednesday, appreciating his freedom. 

"I am happy to be able to walk in a straight line for great distances, instead of circles in a cell," Gross said. "Literally 10,000 steps a day."

Gross is the subject of a documentary, produced by TV Marti, to be broadcast to Cuba in the near future.

NBC 6 spoke with him about President Barack Obama's trip to the island nation and the warming of diplomatic relations.

"It's about time. At some point in life, you have to let go a little bit and move forward because there's an anchor. The anchor is anger, it's dragging everybody down. Got to move forward," Gross expressed.

He spent five years in a Cuban prison after being arrested in 2009 while working on expanding Internet service for the small Cuban Jewish community. Fidel Castro thought Gross was a spy and threw him in prison.

The Castro Government released Gross in December of 2014 as part of the restoring of relations with the Obama Administration.

TV Marti correspondent Karen Caballero is reporting Gross's story, one she says people need to hear, especially the people in Cuba, "I think he has to tell everyone in first person, every detail. Everyone needs to know exactly what happened with him, from his point of view."

"I would much rather focus on the next five years instead of the last five years and that is a healthy thing for me," Gross said.

A release date for the documentary has not been disclosed, but it will be made available first in Cuba and then in the United States.

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