‘I Cried The Day I Spoke To Her': Sisters Reunited After Hurricane Dorian

The Pinder sisters thought they might not see each other again.

But on Wednesday, they were reunited in a heartwarming moment they weren’t so sure would come.

“I cried the day I spoke to her, finding out that she was really alive,” said Aleandra Pinder, who lives in Coral Springs.

Avery Pinder, from Grand Bahama Island, came to the United States with little more than the clothes on her back. Her and her daughters were rescued from their home near Freeport after Hurricane Dorian forced them onto their roof.

“It was really, really scary, especially dealing with the kids,” said Avery.

Eight-year-old Armanii had to be fitted with a life jacket in the attic to survive severe flooding. The family spent six nights sleeping in vehicles.

“I am more than grateful because when I found my sister, especially the baby, had to be rescued above water, it’s beyond me,” said Aleadra.

The Pinder family lost 17 friends and family members to Hurricane Dorian.

“And so my whole thing was, ok, try to be as strong as possible for those who are still alive and pray for those family members who also lost the same family as I did.”

Although the reunion was sweet, Avery doesn’t forget what she and her family went through.

“It is really epic, even though I’m smiling, happy to be here in civilization, been through hell for the past week,” Avery said.

Either way, Avery is glad to be back in the company of her sister – and in the United States.

“I’m happy because I’m gone from there... No power, no water, I’m gone,” she said.

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