‘I Don't Remember What Happened': Woman Attacked by Craigslist Roommate Speaks Out

The local woman who was brutally assaulted by her Craigslist roommate spoke out after spending nearly a month in a coma. In February, Danielle Jones was close to death after her roommate allegedly bludgeoned her.

Jones walked into court Friday to face her alleged attacker Byron Mitchell.

"I think that he knocked me out before everything happened so I don't remember what happened," Jones said. "I would probably ask him why he did it."

"For the record, that by the grace of God, the victim is present in court today," Jones' attorney said during the hearing.

But Mitchell refused to show up. The duo met through a Craigslist ad for a roommate and he moved into her Miami apartment.

"He seemed really very nice. His resume said that he went to college, that he was in the military, so he could have fooled anyone," Jones said.

Then on Valentine's Day, Mitchell told police he acted in self-defense when Jones attacked him with a knife.

"To say that I attacked him? I wouldn't attack anyone," Jones said.

Mitchell is facing charges of attempted first-degree murder and could get life in prison if convicted. However, his defense attorney said there's more to the story but didn't explain further.

Mitchell remains behind bars with no bond. His trial has been scheduled for Sept. 6.

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