“I Had Blood Everywhere,” Says Woman Hit By Stray Bullet at Fireworks Show

Anaid Romero was one of 2 people hit by stray bullets at the Fourth of July show in Coral Gables

Two people were injured while they were watching the Fourth of July fireworks show in Coral Gables. Both were hit by stray bullets.

One of those victims spoke only to NBC 6.

Anaid Romero is recovering from a gunshot wound she received during the grand finale outside the Biltmore Hotel.

"I just felt something wet on me and I looked down and I had blood everywhere," Romero said. "I stood up right away because I thought something was hitting me."

The bullet entered and exited her upper arm. It missed her muscle and arteries.

"It was the worst feeling that I have ever experienced in my life," Romero's mother said.

Just days ago, police advised against this – asking people not to fire celebratory shots in the air because they will come down and could hit someone, like Romero.

"You shouldn't be playing with weapons because you never know," Romero said. "Every action you do, is going to have a reaction and it's going to hurt innocent people."

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At first she didn't realize what hit her. She thought it was glass, then her arm started to burn and she realized she was shot. Luckily, she was near police and first aid.

Now, she's worried the next person may not be so lucky.

"I still don't understand shooting into the air on the Fourth of July and on New Year's. It happens," she said. "It has to stop."

Romero said the other person who was hit by a stray bullet was an older man and he was hit in the hand in between his thumb and pointer finger. She also said many vehicles around the Biltmore were hit.

Because the shots were fired during the fireworks show, no one heard them. No one has come forward to say who fired the shots either.

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